Montag, 6. Januar 2014

Winter with no Snow

Yup, it was December 2013 and Now it's January 2014, and still.. NO SNOW!! 
I'm a big fan of snow, basically because i didn't get enough chance to see them in my life. I have only seen them during my exchange year in germany on 2010/2011, but since i got back here, I haven't really got the chance to see snow and to play with them. Hopefully I'd be able to see them soon.

Despite being sad because there won't be any snow, i decided to wear my winter clothes and be happy with it. I love "Zwiebel Prinzip", or you may say "Onion layers". 

Jacket: Zara
Knitted Beanie: H&M
Scarf: WE
Boots: UGG

Bag : Lost Mannequin (

Have a good day! 



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