Sonntag, 22. September 2013

Remembering Summer

It's starting to get windy and chill since it's almost the end of September in Germany. Summer this year was pretty good for me. Long story short i got back to Germany this spring even though it was damn cold back then, sure it was spring. 

There were lots of farms with plenty hays, so my sister and i decided to make a short photo-shoot. it was a great day and was really well spent. 

I brought my Ukulele with, the one i bought from Pelem-Ukulele Indonesia
so if any of you decide to try playing ukulele, i'd definitely suggest this Uke-Shop *You may also buy it online ;)

Shoes by Fred Perry - Navy Blue Suedhead
Shorts by Hammer - Navy Blue Short

School starts tomorrow and I'm pretty much nervous, but on the other hand I've been waiting to start my Architecture study! 
Have a good day!



  1. Yeah jetzt kann ich kommentieren !
    Sehr tolle Bilder, mir gefällt dein Outfit sehr gut, so klassisch.

    Und toi toi toi (viel Glück) für morgen :)

  2. OMG Galih, I LOVE these photographs,
    absolutely gorgeous! who took the first one!
    that could pass as an album cover! LOVE IT!



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