Dienstag, 24. September 2013


It's Autumn!

So it's getting cold here in Europe, and as we know, it's sometimes really problematic to decide what to wear in this kind of weather. It could be really cold in the morning and then during the day the sun shines warm and at night the wind strikes right onto our skin. 

As someone who comes from a place, where the temperature always stays the same, i didn't have any problem with deciding what to wear. But since i moved to Europe, it has been a problem for me. 

But then, as i heard from what the people keep telling me, we should have this "Onion" principe. Which sounds funny for me, because.. why Onion?!

It's called Onion principe because onions have more than one layer. "Ahh now i get it" i said, inside my mind (of course, i don't wanna be the one who looks stupid in Europe) So during the cold weather we should use this "Onion Principe" or wearing several layers to keep us warm, and when it gets too warm we could easily take layer by layer off.

So I found some nice collection by Zara this Autumn 2013. (The ones that i find nice)


The classy look you could get from the mantle. It's also a nice combination with a chinos and knee brown boots. I would say this mantle could be wore in Autumn and in Winter. I would also combine a sweat jacket and a thick scarf during the winter to this mantle.


The elegant look you could get if you wear this jacket is so promising. ZARA offers 4 different colours for this jacket, and all of them gloss! Love it. I also bought this jacket in Blue and i'm really satisfied with it. The wind won't get through you, so it keeps you warm. In my opinion the best thing about this jacket is that it's super light! It feels like it has no weight! I'm going to post a pic of me with this jacket on one day. 

Hope you enjoy :)
Have a great day

Xx, G 

PS: I don't own the pictures.


  1. I don't know if I dig the quilted jacket, but I do love that gorgeous Duffle-coat! That would look lovely in most (men) body type! Nice post! x


    1. Ah XD nessie!! Duffle-Coats are awesome, but i've had one of them before, so i really needed something new this season :D


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